Three Thing Game

I added a projects page where people can see my handiwork. It just has one thing on it at the moment though.

The Three Thing Game competition is rapidly approaching. It’s a 24 hour game development session where the game you create is centred around three things chosen by the organisers. In March our team was called For One Night Only, as we (jokingly) expected the night to be so horrendous that we’d fall to infighting and never do it again. As it turned out we had great fun.

Our three things were Juggling, Birds and Mayhem. Because a team member and I had been playing too much Advance Wars/Fire Emblem recently, we decided to go for a turn-based strategy RPG game that incorporated our three words. We weren’t completely crazy; we knew that strategy RPGs do not get developed overnight, we just wanted to get a basic grid fighting system in place.

Unfortunately our idea was still too ambitious. We encountered a gameplay-breaking bug with the character movement system around 1AM which we couldn’t fix, tired as we were. We started implementing as many other features as we could, but as 6AM approached we realised we were running too far behind to catch up for the 9AM deadline, and threw in the towel.

Despite the failure I’m happy to report that every team member was still smiling at the end, and no arguments had taken place. Part of the reason I think was that we went in with two intentions.

1) Have fun.
2) It isn’t about winning. It’s about learning how to use the PlayStation Suite SDK (now known as PlayStation Mobile).

As we gear up for the next TTG, it’s important to keep these intentions in mind. Our new team name, The Runners Up, reflects this. This time around we would like to finish our game, and so we’ve chosen an idea that is scalable while still giving us plenty of experience with our chosen technology, the Kinect.

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