Desert Island

Technologies used:

  • DirectX 11, C++
  • Subversion/VisualSVN
  • Parasoft® C/C++Test™

Project completed: ✓

Download source code

This desert island simulation was the assessed coursework for the Real Time Graphics and C++ Programming and Design modules. It achieved a grade of 82% and 86% for each module respectively.

The simulation is rendered entirely using the DirectX 11 API, a technology in use by many modern game development companies for its graphics rendering libraries and compatibility with countless hardware combinations. Among many other things, DirectX offers a programmable pipeline that can be used to write shaders for the GPU. The desert island makes use of several vertex and fragment shaders before outputting the final image to the screen.

The simulation cycles through four seasons, changing to the next season every 15 seconds. In each season, a different activity occurs, showcasing a particular graphical technique. The techniques that can be seen in the simulation include:

  • Water reflection and refraction using multiple render targets
  • Particle systems for the fire and water spray
  • Normal mapping for water distortion and tree trunk texture
  • Procedurally generated palm tree leaves
  • Shadow mapping
  • Multipass lighting

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