Technologies used:

  • XNA 4.0, C#
  • Microsoft Kinect for Windows
  • Mercurial/VisualHG
  • Coffee dispenser

Project completed: ✓

This game was envisioned, designed and developed by me and three others in less than a week for the Three Thing Game competition. Our three things which we had to base the game around were Grunting, Spring and Light Cycles.

The game uses the Kinect to manipulate the environment around a moving pig. The player can punch to shatter boulders, jump to loosen springs, and swipe rain clouds to scare away house cats.

Our game begins with the winter ending and a pig waking from his slumber when he is passed an apple by the player, which is the cue for starting the game. The game is essentially an obstacle course for the pig; the player must help him reach the end.

The game has a fully functional day and night cycle, inspired by our final thing ‘Light Cycles’. Not just purely aesthetic, the cycle also affects the gameplay – the darkness frightens the pig and causes him to speed up, making the game more challenging. This gives the game a varying but rising difficulty curve.

Despite being a little rough around the edges the game is very fun to play, especially when using the Kinect. We’re very happy with what we managed to produce.

You can check out the other entries here when the judging videos are uploaded: http://www.threethinggame.com/

The music was composed by Kevin MacLeod and can be found here:
Day: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d18vP9EF6Cg
Night: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ChrpPYtaS2g

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